INJIRI, meaning "real India", historically stands for "real Madras checkered textiles", which were exported to West Africa back in the 18th century.

Chinar Farooqui founded INJIRI in 2009 with a desire to form long lasting liaisons with Indian textiles through her work and ongoing explorations in regional techniques.

Chinar's INJIRI is an evolution of exquisite, handmade textiles.

Not dictated by fashion or trends, INJIRI is more about story telling, the end point reflecting the journey of many processes.

Pieces from two INJIRI collections are available at GASPARD:
The Neel collection incorporates natural indigo dyes, and uses Jamdani, clamp dye and extra weft techniques. Garments are designed to be cut using minimum material waste.
Bandhani is a resist dyeing process of creating dotted patterns. 

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