Les Prairies De Paris

With her light yet sure touch and a certain childlike quality, Laetitia Ivanez has been refining the Prairies de Paris collection for 12 years; pure and graceful, it features delicate details and finishing touches which complement a decisive cut.

Having trained in the theatre, Laetitia began her career in fashion in the Agnès B boutiques before working alongside her designer father; on his departure, she left the stage for good and began to carve out a new role for herself as a fashion designer in her own right. The inspiration behind each collection is essentially Parisian, spirited and feminine, imbued with subtle colour. A natural, sensual elegance runs throughout; strong feelings are inspired by clever detailing; the fabrics chosen have a soft, light feel, with handbags, shoes and jewellery adding the final touch.

This, then, is Les Prairies de Paris: a highly personal experience, imbued with a refreshing spontaneity; a pastoral symphony with urban overtones.