Jamin Puech

In a market that is becoming more and more uniform, and precious handbags have conquered the public. Creativity and quality allowed Jamin Puech to build up a image of unique handbags. Very often being the source of new trends and looks, they have always managed to distinguish themselves by constant creation of new models.

They are made of traditional materials as well as of modern ones and mix raffia, rattan, macramé, wood, nacre, horn, plastic, rhodoid, with simple cottons or precious silk. Their approach to ornaments is baroque, fun, festive or modern, it confirms and reasserts the Jamin Puech label. All this makes a sophisticated finishing, that will be just as refined on the inside as on the outside of the bag. The décor inside our boutiques is renowned for its originality and also reflects this particular universe, which Isabelle and Benoit create and re-create.

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